Kisumu ODM fraternity urges restraint during demonstrations

Kisumu ODM fraternity urges restraint during demonstrations


Tuesday March 21 2023


By Milton Onyango

The ODM fraternity in Kisumu has asked locals to be wary and steer off engaging in any chaos or criminal activities during the Azimio peaceful demonstrations.

The Kisumu ODM followers urged the locals to embrace the peaceful demonstrations claiming it was now the only way to affirm their support for Raila challenge to the government.

 They claimed the demonstrations could be the only way to give credence and add clout to Raila’s call to change even as they remained categorical that they would keep remaining loyal to Raila’s command even as they strongly denounced those planning on taking advantage of the demos to destroy property.

The acting Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Chairman in Kisumu East  Brian Jobito pleaded with the youth in Kisumu East to stage peaceful demonstrations devoid of any destructions.

Jobita was accompanied by the Kisumu East ODM Women Chair Mrs Jane Juma when he issued the statement.

“I want to urge all the youth in Kisumu East to come out in their numbers from all the estates including Nyalenda, Manyatta and Kolwa East and Central and take part in the demonstrations that have been rolled out throughout the county and awaken to Raila’s clarion call of protesting the skyrocketing cost of living in the country,” rallied Jobita

Jobita, however, expressed regret that there were some funny characters that mix with the genuine demonstrators giving them a bad name hence urged all the Azimio supporters against destruction of property or even habits like lighting of fire on the roads urging the demonstrators just to carry white handkerchiefs which they should only wave to resonate with their clarion call.

Similar calls emanated from the ODM chair in Kolwa East Mr Alex Ayieta and his Kajulu counterpart Mr Gerrison Ajwang’ who noted that they have put in place adequate security arrangements for the demonstrations.

“I plead with our supporters to come out in large numbers with our picketing scheduled to kick off at Kondele while those from Kolwa Central shall kick of theirs at Molewm with peace being the hallmark of these demonstrations as we strongly condemn any stray character that may want to incite violence during the demos,” called Ayieta.

Ajwang on his part appealed to all Kajulu residents to convene at Mamboleo where the demonstration shall kick off all the way to Kondele upto the county commissioners’ office where they were to present their grievances with each demonstrator expected to carry a white banner to underpin the demonstration’s message of peace.


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