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Kwale to construct more dams for water supply, irrigation

Kwale to construct more dams for water supply, irrigation


Tuesday, March 19, 2024

KNA by Hussein Abdullahi

Kwale county government plans to construct more dams to ensure adequate supply of portable water and support irrigation purposes across the coastal county.

Area Governor Fatuma Achani says the resolve to establish additional large integrated dams, water pans and water schemes is in line with the deliverables and priorities of her administration.

The coastal county’s main sources of water are boreholes, underground, springs, dams, water pans and rock catchments.

Governor Achani says her administration is determined to carry out developmental projects across the county including solving the perennial water scarcity problem and enhancing the economy.

In the bid to improve the socio-economic status of Kwale residents Achani has promised more access to portable water supply.

Achani accompanied by Lunga Lunga MP Mangale Chiforomodo was speaking at the Kwale public works offices when she commissioned a new multibillion shilling heavy duty excavator specifically designed for the excavation of dams and water pans.

The Governor also re-stated the resolve of her administration to involve all stakeholders as key partners in service delivery especially in critical sectors like water.

She says the new mammoth machine will assist in the construction of additional water works for irrigation farming as well as for domestic consumption to tackle water scarcity.

“This brand new latest model excavator will complement our county’s drilling rig, which is used in borehole drilling in our unwavering efforts towards water resource development,” she said adding that the county will see to its good use and maintenance.

Achani says she will confront the water infrastructural deficits in all parts of the county and that no one will be left behind adding that she was cognizant of the fact that water scarcity in Kwale has been a recurring problem for decades despite huge financial investments.

“We want as much as possible to get water available in all the six sub counties of Kwale,” she said and bemoaned the difficulties people experience daily in search of potable water.

She went on ‘we want to end the problem of many residents especially in rural areas trekking long distances before they could have access to clean and safe water’.

Governor Achani noted that the water facilities when constructed would be made available for different usage of the people, livestock and irrigated agriculture to boost food production.

“We want to have mega dams in different administrative wards that could be used for irrigation farming and water supply for the benefit of the people,” said Achani.

Achani says it is the desire of the county government to ensure food and nutrition security for the people through irrigated agriculture and that no effort would be spared to achieve the target.

Lunga Lunga MP Chiforomodo said residents’ suffering will soon be a thing of the past as the county government under the stewardship of Governor Achani was doing everything possible to end water scarcity in all corners of Kwale.

He urged the devolved unit to ensure the maintenance of the excavator, rigs and other water equipment for the intended good purpose and address the persistent water supply problem.

Chiforomodo stressed that the devolved government should focus attention on getting water across rural and semi-urban communities in the county.

Courtesy; KNA

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