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Land cartels thirsting for land owned by women put on notice

Land cartels thirsting for land owned by women put on notice


Friday, April 12, 2024

KNA by Stacie Ang’aya and Florence Munyoki

The Women Rights Ambassadors movement has warned cartels thirsting for women’s land and property in Nairobi that their days are numbered.

Members of the Women Rights Ambassadors movement, an affiliate of the Public Service Governance (PSG) organisation said that there are attacks orchestrated against women which have gone as far as threatening them and causing them to flee their homes out of fear.

Speaking at a hotel in Nairobi on Friday, PSG president Amb. Esther Waringa stated that some of the criminals pose as police officers and arrest people without warrants of arrest.

“The women are threatened with serious consequences if they fail to relinquish their land to the deep-pocketed and powerful cartels,” said Amb. Waringa.Amb. Waringa explained that the Constitution of Kenya 2010 protects the rights of women.

Article 27 stipulates that every person is equal before the law, while article 40 guarantees the right to property ownership and equitable ownership of land and property for women and further provides that no person shall be deprived these rights.

She added that most of the cases reported at the moment are of land grabbing within Nairobi but added that they have seen it happening all over the country.

According to Amb. Waringa, the cartels are said to be working with high ranking state officers and asked President Dr. William Ruto, to use his wisdom to get rid of the money minded cartels.

The Women rights ambassadors made a rallying call to the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) to facilitate transparency and accountability in the police service.

“Some civil servants are forced to engage in shoddy deals or face serious consequences including illegal prosecution with fabricated charges pressed against them,” Amb. Waringa added.

The Women rights ambassadors said they were ready to work and dismantle the cartels and requested an audience with the President as soon as possible to further highlight the plight of the affected suffering women.

Courtesy; KNA

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