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Larry Madowo ‘back on the trend’

Larry Madowo ‘back on the trend’

By Peter Ochieng

Larry Madowo is back on The Trend!  

The CNN international correspondent initiated the show on NTV, and hosted his last program over five years ago, before departing for greener pastures.

He will be back tonight, albeit shortly when he hosts a special edition of the show to pay tribute to the late reggae MC Njambi Koikai. Njambi was a former panelist on the show, currently hosted by Amina Abdi.

“If it is Friday, you know it is. I’m back hosting The Trend live for one night only to celebrate the life of Jahmby Koikai,” Larry shared on his social media pages.

NTV confirmed that Larry will be in the ‘building’ to take viewers back to where it all began. “Tonight we are doing the show in a special way. Tune in at 8 pm as we take you back to where it all started. The Top Trending Talkers are celebrating Jahmby in a special way.”

The CNN correspondent will not be alone. He will be in the company of former panelists Ciru Muriuki, Jeff Mote and Anita Nderu, and guests,  actress Cindy Ogana and comedian turned content creator Eddie Butita.

Mary Njambi Koikai died at the Nairobi Hospital on Monday this week aged 38. The popular radio host and Reggae DJ succumbed to endometriosis which had tormented her for over two decades.

She started her career at the national broadcaster – KBC, where she had a segment on the defunct Metro FM. Days before her death, Koikai called on the President to champion the investment in health during his visit to the US.

“This is a sincere call of help to a few Kenyan leaders but allow me to address this to President William Ruto first as he makes his state visit to the US. Mr President, one of the thematic areas in your visit is investment in health,” Njambi noted in a social media post.

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