Lazy contractors put on notice

Lazy contractors put on notice


Saturday, March 18, 2023


By Jane Naitore


Kisii County Commissioner Tom Anjere has put on notice contractors who are lagging behind in fulfilling their part of bargain by suspending works and abandoning sites saying it was derailing economic growth in the area.


Speaking during a two days’ monitoring and evaluation of ongoing government projects including roads and water projects in the county, CC Anjere also assured those doing a good job that the government would honor its obligation of reimbursing them for work done.


Anjere noted that the government is working towards solving the challenges of delayed payment to ensure all projects are completed to benefit common mwananchi.

“However, where contractors are found to lack capacity to complete their projects, we will issue them with notice for replacement to avoid unnecessary delay,” he said.

He cited CDF projects in Marani Sub-county including a police station in Kegogi, and a road in Keumbu where the contractor was operating behind schedule.

Anjere led the evaluation team Bobaracho water plant recommendations were made, then a road between Ogembo, Igare and Sameta where the contractor had done his bit but was awaiting reimbursement.

The road networks, said Anjere, are key components for economic growth and needed to be fixed within schedule.

He noted other components being looked into including education to ensure 100% transition to secondary and the junior high school.

Anjere also directed all National Administration Officers to work with community policing to ensure total elimination of illicit brew and drugs near learning institutions to ensure exemplary performance in the area.

Courtesy K.N.A 


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