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Leaders call for unity of purpose

Leaders call for unity of purpose


Monday May 27 2024,

KNA by Peter Gitonga

Leaders from Turkana called for unity among themselves to spearhead development agenda in the county.

Speaking during a fundraiser for Lokitaung Choppers Group in Lokitaung, Turkana North, and Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai said that he brought onboard experienced leaders for effective leadership under his administration.

The speaker emphasized the importance of promoting unity among Turkana’s elected representatives to ensure development and equality in the County, regardless of political affiliations or voting preferences.

Governor Lomorukai said that he and former Cabinet Secretary for Energy John Munyes had resolved the differences, prioritising the county’s interest over personal interest. He pledged to collaborate with other leaders for the benefit of Turkana County.

“I called my brother John Munyes for a peace meeting in Moroto-Uganda so that we can work together on challenges facing Turkana County. This County is bigger than all of us,” he said.

Governor Lomorukai also urged all leaders to prioritise Turkana interests and put behind personal interests to promote unity in the County.

Meanwhile, He also called Member of Parliament for Turkana North, Ekuwom Nabuin to join the rest of the leaders in pursuance of peace and unity in the County.

Munyes noted that all leaders in Turkana led by Governor Jeremiah should unite to bring in more developments in the county. According to him, lack of unity among leaders in the County has ever since dragged the County behind in terms of development.

He also expressed his gratitude to Governor Lomorukai for being the pioneer of pursuance of unity in Turkana County.

Women Representative for Turkana County, Cecilia Asinyen also vowed to support the president’s directive of unity among Turkana leaders for the purposes of development in the County.

“President Ruto told Turkana County leadership that lack of unity is the reason we are behind in terms of development. Leaders should therefore unite to realize developments for the people of Turkana County,” she said.

Speaker for County Assembly of Turkana, Christopher Nakuleu seconded Governor’s sentiment of calling MP for Turkana North Ekuwom Nabuin to join other leaders for the purposes of peace and unity.

Courtesy; KNA

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