Leaders wants population ratio factored in resources allocation

Leaders wants population ratio factored in resources allocation


Tuesday, April 11, 2023


By Bernard Munyao

Kigumo Member of Parliament Joseph Munyoro wants the formula used to share resources for National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) changed to focus on population density as opposed to geographical area.

The MP observed that the current method that allocated all the constituencies equal funds disadvantages areas with a bigger population.

He noted that some legislators who represent highly populated constituencies struggle when sharing resources to support learners from needy families.

“The size of the constituency should not be used in sharing cash for NG-CDF. The formula should be changed and adopt the one man-one shilling method,” said Munyoro when he distributed bursary cheques to secondary and university students in his constituency.

He revealed that they receive many applications for bursary forcing the NG-CDF committee to give at most Sh. 6,000 for needy students.

“The amount we give as bursaries is minimal for a needy student. This is due to the high number of students in need. In some constituencies due to low population they are able to give full scholarships and even take some of the learners to study in overseas colleges.” He added.

Munyoro continued “We want areas with more people to get more money so that we can strike a balance in service delivery.”

The MP calls upon legislators especially from Mount Kenya region to join hands and push for one man one shilling formula in sharing of government resources.

“In last parliament, there were plans to change the method of sharing resources equitably but this did not bear fruit. During the current parliament we will push to ensure resources are distributed based on numbers in all constituencies.” he further said.

Munyoro said the debate had been introduced in the previous parliament but it did not go through urging the leaders especially those from Mt. Kenya to join hands and push for its passing and adoption.

Mount Kenya region, Munyoro said, makes the highest contribution towards national revenue yet the resources they get in return are inadequate to serve their people.

 Elsewhere, Mathioya MP Edwin Mugo called for review of guidelines of sharing revenue saying currently some parts of the country are disadvantaged due to high population.

Mugo observed that the government had promised to add Sh. 20 million to NG-CDF kitty saying the amount will not have much impact considering many cases of needy students.

“We are sharing the little we have but if we get a higher allocation, things will be easier for us,” said Mugo adding that “There are a lot of projects that the residents expect to be implemented but we are unable due to low budgetary allocation.”

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