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Learners in Bunyala face transport challenges

Learners in Bunyala face transport challenges


Thursday May 16 2024

KNA by Salome Alwanda

Parents in Bunyala Sub County have been urged to ensure the safety of learners when going to school.

Speaking to KNA in his office on Thursday, Busia County Director of Education James Ekaliyo said that it is the responsibility of parents to take learners to school whenever water levels are on the rise.

“In case they are not able to cross the waters, just keep them at home,” he said.

Ekaliyo noted that a section of learners and teachers in the affected schools had re-opened for the second term but food and transport were the major challenges.

“This is because learners have to go home for lunch and come back,” he said. He however appreciated UNICEF and other stakeholders who have expressed willingness to support the institutions in terms of emergency response by providing tents and some food items.

The Director disclosed that seven schools in the area including Namabusi Secondary, Musoma Primary, Rugunga Special, Rugunga primary, Maduwa Primary and Maduwa secondary.

Lastly, “Around 7000 learners are affected in terms of challenges in reaching schools but they are struggling and learning is going on,’ he said.

Courtesy: KNA

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