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Man seek justice over forceful eviction in his 4 acre land

Man seek justice over forceful eviction in his 4 acre land


Friday March 22 2024

KNA by Absalom Namwalo

An elderly man from Rwatama area in Teso North subcounty is seeking justice at Malaba law court after he was forcefully evicted from his four Arce piece of land he purchased 23 years ago while in public service.

James Ekwenye who purchased the disputed land from Patrick Mamai in 2000 is now in dilemma after Mamai sons who serve as administration police officers blocked him access to his property destroying crops worth Sh. 192,000 according to a report from an agricultural officer.

“The four-acre piece of land at Rwatama village in Angurai South Ward, Teso North Sub-County, was sold to me by Patrick Mamai in 2000 at Ksh30,500 per acre,” he narrated.

Ekwenye produced the original title deed that dated 24th October 2018 to confirm he was the rightful owner of the land contrary to claims by the sellers’ sons.

Ekwenye through his advocate Kevin Peter Shikhu regretted that the matter had taken long for the court to fix the hearing date since it was filed before the Principal Magistrate Charo Momanyi in August last year.

Advocate Shikhu noted that the matter has been dragging despite his client having reported to the police and local administration.

Advocate Shikhu revealed that the case will come up for hearing on April 4, 2024, urging the Principal Magistrate to disqualify himself if he is not capable of handling the case.

Mr Shikhu also cited alleged interference of the case by some investigation officers urging the DPP to intervene and hasten the process.

“We just appeal to DPP, IPOA and DCI headquarters to look keenly into this matter as the investigating agencies at the county level have taken sides. We also appeal to the Chief magistrate if he is not comfortable handling this matter, we transfer it to another court,” noted Shikhu.

Courtesy; KNA

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