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Martha Karua’s 5 demands to government amid worsening flood situation

Martha Karua’s 5 demands to government amid worsening flood situation

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua has issued five demands to the government following the devastating effects of heavy rains pounding various parts of the country.

The rains have led to floodings which have claimed at least 100 lives with many others left homeless.

And as the government moves to address the effects of the floods, Karua has asked the government to set aside emergency funding that will be used to support the affected citizens.

In a statement on Monday evening, the Narc Kenya party leader also called for mandatory waiver of document replacement for Kenyans that have lost their national ID and other documents due to the floods.

In addition, Karua who is a key member of the Azimio coalition demanded that the government gives a waiver of school fees and support of school supplies for children affected by floods.

She also wants a comprehensive assessment of the entire drainage basin from the source to the ocean to enable long term planning of interventions to mitigate flooding in areas around human settlements.

The former Cabinet ministry also asked the government to re evaluate the postponement period for public schools.

The Ministry of Education on Monday moved by one week the reopening of the primary and secondary schools.

Meanwhile, Karua wants the government to focus it’s resources on helping Kenyans affected by floods.

“We demand that the administration suspend non-priority spending such as excessive travel by the executive and huge hospitality budget and in their place urgently needs such as the doctors CBA be implemented and flood victims,” Karua said.

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