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Meru County Pledges Full Support for Miraa

Meru County Pledges Full Support for Miraa


Saturday, May 25 , 2024

KNA by Kamanja Maeria

The Meru county Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma has strongly expressed the commitment of Meru County in support of the crucial bill proposed by Meru senator and Deputy Speaker for the Senate Kathuri Murungi to remove miraa from psychotropic substances as stipulated under the NACADA regulations.

Mutuma underscored the economic and social importance of the cash crop in the region stating that many families solely depend on miraa income to educate their children.

The DG noted that the proposed bill by the Meru senator is seeking to reclassify and give miraa a clean bill of rights to facilitate access to both local and international markets and reduce stigma and misconceptions associated with the crop.

“Miraa is our everything and our able leaders should support the bill that will see categorised as other cash crops such as tea,coffee and others,’’ Mutuma noted.

The DG further said that miraa should be protected at all cost to ensure stable future and prosperity in the region and upholding the region’s culture as well.He also urged the clergy to take their stand, as their support is also crucial for the success of the bill.

He also noted that beyond the economic value of miraa in the Meru community, it plays a crucial role in Meru traditions including payment of dowry and settlement of conflict where they exchange and chew miraa as a symbol of peace.

Miraa which is the backbone of Meru County and its environs has of recent faced various drawbacks including ban from international markets like Netherlands and imposition of heavy taxation by the Mombasa county government.

“Initially a lorry of miraa used to pay ksh 30,000 but for the last few days it is charged a total of ksh 80,000 tripling the tax,” said.

If the bill sees the light of the day, then miraa farmers and the entire community will smile unlike the current situation when cash flow is very low especially in Igembe region, Mutuma added.

The DG strongly dismissed allegations that miraa affect reproductive health saying fromages to ages people have been chewing miraa and the population of Meru can testifyagainst misconception by some individuals who are out to tarnish the said cash crop.

Courtesy; KNA

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