Mexico continues lawsuit against U.S. gunmakers

Mexico continues lawsuit against U.S. gunmakers

MEXICO CITY, July 24 (Xinhua) —

Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry said Monday that the Mexican government hopes its lawsuit against gun manufacturers and distributors in the United States will proceed after it was initially dismissed.

“The Mexican government is confident that its arguments will be well received by the court,” the ministry said in a press release.

In August 2021, Mexico filed a lawsuit in the United States against gunmakers and sellers, saying their negligent business practices have led to an influx of weapons into organized crime groups.

According to official estimates, more than 500,000 weapons are smuggled across the border each year, leading to violent crimes.

In September 2022, the suit was dismissed by the District Court of Massachusetts.

Mexico appealed that decision and on Monday presented its oral arguments for the case to proceed.

“Mexico will continue its efforts and actions to combat the harm caused to the Mexican people by illicit arms trafficking,” the ministry said.

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