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Miguna accuses Safaricom of ‘daylight’ robbery over bundles

Miguna accuses Safaricom of ‘daylight’ robbery over bundles

By Peter Ochieng

Lawyer Joshua Miguna Miguna has accused telecommunications giant, Safaricom of what he termed as daylight robbery.

This is after he got a notification that bundles he had purchased would not serve him for a week as he anticipated.

The General, as Miguna likes to be referred to, said he purchased 3.5 gigabyte (GB) bundles on Thursday, which were to expire after 7 days, on May 23, 2024.

However, the General was surprised to receive a message today, notifying him that the bundles were set to expire on May 18, five days before the anticipated time.

“This is daylight robbery, @Safaricom_Care @SafaricomPLC. I purchased bundles yesterday. You told me they would expire on May 23rd.

However, this morning, you have suddenly sent a message stating that they expire on May 18th, and I have barely used them. This is unacceptable,” he ranted on his X page.

Safaricom reached out to him as such: “Hello Dr. Miguna, sorry about that. Kindly DM bit.ly/2lNteGi your number and the M-PESA transaction code if you had purchased the data bundles from M-PESA we check.”

In a follow up post, Miguna said that the issue had been amicably resolved, adding that he depends on bundles when power goes off affecting his WI-FI.

“They have addressed the issue. Fellow Kenyans: There is no problem with me or anyone else buying bundles. Everyone has the freedom to choose what they need. As well, even those with WiFi (like me) often rely on bundles when power goes off (blackouts are notorious in Kenya), when on the move, or when on short stop overs).”

He said that those who believe that as a lawyer he should not buy bundles, lack understanding.

“Let’s focus on demanding the reduction on charges. Kenyan companies charge rates that are much higher than their counterparts in North America, even though the latter provide better services.”

He added, “The primitive belief that a lawyer shouldn’t buy bundles is unfortunate because it’s the more than 45 million ordinary Kenyans who suffer from poor services, exploitative rates and lack of quality customer care.”

Safaricom’s weekly bundles go for between Sh99 and Sh999.

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