Miguna Miguna explains why cost of living in Kenya is higher compared to Canada

Miguna Miguna explains why cost of living in Kenya is higher compared to Canada

By Joshua Khisa

Canadian-based Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has waded into an ongoing debate over the high cost of living in the country.

Since the Energy and Regulatory Authority (EPRA) increased fuel prices, Kenyans have been engaged in a debate – as they try to compare the prices of fuel locally and in other countries across the globe.

One of the issues that has come out is the fact that the cost of living is not only a Kenyan issue, but global – and that the cost of living has gone high everywhere.

But according to Miguna Miguna, as much as the cost of basic comedies has gone up globally, those in Kenya are way higher.

In a lengthy post on X, the controversial lawyer pointed out that the prices of some of the items that Kenya produces are higher locally compared to those in Canada.

“The cost of labour is much higher in Canada than Kenya, yet nearly everything is more expensive in Kenya than Canada. This includes even products Canada imports like sugar, tropical fruits and rice, yet these things are produced CHEAPLY in Kenya,” Miguna said in part of the post.

“Why is parking, rent, milk, meat, chicken and potatoes cheaper in Canada than in Kenya?” he added.

The Canadian-based barrister lists high taxes as one of the things pushing the cost of living high in Kenya.

Further, he says most of the taxes collected are never used to benefit mwananchi as is the case with Western countries – as they end up in a few individuals pockets.

“The taxes in Kenya are too high and unsustainable. Moreover, compared to countries like Canada where residents enjoy FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE, excellent infrastructure and transportation networks – all courtesy of their taxes – most of the triple taxation in Kenya go to individuals’ pockets,” he said.

Miguna Miguna also dismissed the ‘global crisis’ excuse, noting that corruption is the major issue that Kenya needs to address if it has to lower the cost of living.

“These are not issues of “global economic problems.” It’s because we have INSTITUTIONALIZED and NORMALIZED corruption and accepted the DEGRADATION of our citizens. It’s as simple as that!” he said.


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