Muhoozi: We will shock the country if I vie for presidency in 2026

Muhoozi: We will shock the country if I vie for presidency in 2026

By Joshua Cheloti

Ugandan general and son of President Yoweri Museveni – Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has given the latest indication that he is ready to vie for the country’s top seat in the upcoming general election.

Ugandans are expected to go to the polls in 2026, to pick a new president and legislators.

While the current President, Museveni is expected to seek another term, his son says should he be allowed to for the seat, he will shock many.

In a tweet, Kainerugaba, known for his recent controversial tweets claims he has a huge support base that will propel him to easily win the Presidency.

“If my father allows me to stand in 2026, We will shock the entire country by the amount of support we have,” said the Ugandan General.

The latest tweet from Gen. Muhoozi comes at a time there have been claims that Museveni was grooming him to take over, once he retires.

However, the Ugandan President has not yet given any indications of nearing the end of his term.

Museveni is a retired senior military officer who has been President of Uganda since January 26, 1986.

For the last few years, Gen. Muhoozi has held senior army positions, in what pundits argue was preparations to succeed his father.

Museveni’s son has in the past served as commander of the Ugandan Special Forces Command (SFC) from 2008 to 2017, and again from December 2020 to 2021.

He has also served as the commander of the land forces of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) from June 24 2021 to October 4, 2022, when he was removed following tweets claiming to be able to capture Nairobi.

Muhoozi had also wondered why Uhuru Kenyatta had to leave office, having served as President for only two terms, faulting the Kenyan constitution.

The tweets forced the Ugandan Foreign Affairs Ministry to issue a statement distancing themselves from them.

He has since apologized for the tweets, and recently said they were mere jokes.


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