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Murkomen urges Motorists to observe children’s safety as schools reopen amidst heavy downpour

Murkomen urges Motorists to observe children’s safety as schools reopen amidst heavy downpour

Sunday, 28 April, 2024
McCreadie Andias

With schools expected to reopen from Monday for the second term as per the Ministry’s Calendar, Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has urged motorist to observe the safety of students on roads amidst the torrential rains raising havoc in different parts of the country.

In a Press statement, CS Murkomen noted that the torrential rains pose hazardous risks due to flooding and damaged infrastructure hence motorists should be extra courteous and watch out for potholes and shallow pools.

Murkomen advised the need for drivers to exercise safe distancing while driving while they slow down along areas experiencing heavy rains and flooding.

He further urged motorists to avoid overspeeding and overloading of vehicles encouraging road users to report reckless drivers to National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officers

“Even as the Government, through the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and the Police, intensify enforcement of traffic rules, I encourage road users to take personal responsibility by avoiding risky behaviours such as speeding or overloading and helping to report reckless driving.”The CS noted.

He warned that reckless drivers will face the full force of the government.

” Drivers who endanger the lives of other road users by ignoring traffic regulations or crossing dangerous waters will be held accountable for their actions.”Murkomen said.

Meanwhile, Parents were urged to choose safe routes and coordinate with school administrators to set up safe pick-up and drop-off points while so releasing children early on their trips back to school.

Despite calls from local politicians and parents to postpone reopening dates. Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua has insisted that the school calender will remain the same despite the fact that atleast 46 schools within Nairobi have been damaged by floods.

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