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Mwea TVC and Residents to Access Constant Supply of Water

Mwea TVC and Residents to Access Constant Supply of Water


Friday, April 12, 2024

KNA by Mutai Kipngetich

Mwea Technical and Vocational College (TVC) and neighbouring residents will have their water challenges solved after the completion of a borehole project being done in the institution.

The project being undertaken by Mwea Member of Parliament (MP)Mary Maingi in partnership with Tana Water Works Development Agency will serve both the students and the surrounding community through water kiosks at Migingo and Gathigiriri.

The area has been experiencing shortage of water during dry seasons making some economic activities almost impossible.

It is expected to be completed and functional by July therefore playing a vital role in facilitating agricultural practices in Mwea.

The MP said Mwea TVC has a huge potential that has not be tapped, noting she will invest as much as possible until the residents benefit from the educational facility.

“Mwea Technical and Vocational College is a passion project that I will not stop working on until we ensure its full potential is explored to serve the people of Mwea constituency and contribute to the economy by producing qualified and skilled individuals for society,” the MP stated.

The institution has been using water supplied by a self-help group which due to increasing numbers of students does not meet the demand.

This challenged her to drill the borehole within the institution whose current capacity stands over 300 students.

“I have actively advocated for Mwea students to join the institute, and I’m delighted to see that their numbers have increased, this means the amount of water supplied by Gathigiriri self-help group is not enough hence we have decided to have a borehole inside,” she added.

The MP said the high prevalence of water-related diseases in Mwea is due to consumption of contaminated water from rice canals that may have mixed with herbicides which will be reduced by provision of clean water from the borehole.

Charles Kanyugo from the Tana Water Works Development Agency said the minimum water expected from the borehole will be 10 cubic meters per hour and anything more than that will be used to expand the area covered by the supply.

Gathigiriri Area Chief,Jack Ndwiga, lauded the project as a game changer to the ward and entire area.

He said Mwea TVC being an agricultural institution requires constant supply of water.

The chief urged the parents to enroll their children in TVETs as it offers courses which are marketable or allow one to initiate self-employment.

He added that the presence of constant water is a key component for investors willing to construct hostels around the institution.

“We were promised water and now the MP has delivered. We know this institution requires a lot because majority of its activities are agriculture based. Let us take our children to these TVETs, the skills are required in the field or one can start his/her owns business,” Ndwiga said.

Courtesy; KNA

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