Nairobi Half Life actor Olwenya Maina is dead

Nairobi Half Life actor Olwenya Maina is dead

Nairobi Half Life actor Olwenya Maina is dead.

According to reports, the celebrated actor who played “Oti” in the award-winning film, collapsed on Monday, July 4, 2022.

He was rushed to a Nairobi hospital where he was pronounced dead.

However, what may have killed Oti is yet to be established with the family expected to divulge on the matter.

Olwenya Maina is dead
File image of Nairobi Half Life actor Olwenya Maina. |Photo| Courtesy|

“Kenyan Actor Olwenya Maina, popular for his role ‘Oti’ in Nairobi Half Life film is dead. He collapsed and was pronounced dead at the hospital,” KTN news anchor Brian George announced.

Following the actor’s untimely demise, members of the public, fans and celebrities alike have taken to social media to eulogise Olwenya.

Veteran Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni eulogised Olwenya as a talented actor who had his whole life ahead of him.

“We’ll miss you here at Radio Africa… among the very best voices in East Africa…. great actor, superb talent!!!! Recalling your outstanding role in the movie Nairobi Half-life… what a game-changer you were, big boss! Rest In Peace,” he eulogised.

A section of celebrities was shocked by Olwenya’s sudden death since he was working on other projects.

“You’ve been constantly on my mind since we started filming with the African director reminiscing what great talent you are. Why? My heart is so heavy. Go well, bro. We shall meet again,” Kate the Actress wrote.

Olwenya Maina is dead
File image of the Nairobi Half Life cast. |Courtesy| One Fine Day Films|

Olwenya featured in a number of films including Stories of our lives, Taliya and Pendo.

He was also a voice-over artist and worked in this capacity for media houses such as Radio Africa Group, and Radio Jambo.


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