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Nakuru City sets to Improve sanitation

Nakuru City sets to Improve sanitation


Monday April 15, 2024

KNA by Veronica Bosibori

Nakuru City is set to embark on a transformative journey towards improved sanitation management to ensure clean and hygienic living conditions for its residents.

This was disclosed when a team from Agua Consultant, facilitated by UNICEF, today paid a courtesy call to the City Manager, Gitau Thabanja, marking a crucial moment in Nakuru City’s approach to sanitation and hygiene.

This approach from Agua Consultant will focus on assessing current sanitation and hygiene practices, identifying existing gaps, and formulating strategic measures for improvement to ensure that the system of collecting, and dumping of the garbage was systematically handled to reclaim the lost glory of being the cleanest city in East Africa that Nakuru town was famous for.

Thabanja said his department was dedicated to improving safety management in on-site sanitation, emphasizing a proactive approach to ensuring clean and hygienic living conditions.

This would align with Governor Susan Kihika’s vision for sustainable urban development that would enhance the quality of life by creating a more conducive environment for its residents.

The presence of NAWASSCO in the meeting signaled a collaborative effort towards addressing sanitation challenges effectively.

The efforts aimed at providing residents with a safer, healthier environment, fostering a sense of well-being and prosperity across Nakuru City.

The City Manager highlighted the continued challenges of dust during the dry periods and the frequent floods during the rainy seasons.

However, he said the spirited efforts of improving drainage systems has contributed a great deal in reducing floods especially in the lower parts of the city.

Management of sanitation and garbage collection has proved to be a challenge for a number of county governments due to increased population and a negative attitude towards the expected collaborations in every individual’s effort in keeping towns and cities clean.

Courtesy; KNA

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