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Nakuru county trains traffic marshals on First Aid

Nakuru county trains traffic marshals on First Aid


Thursday, April 25, 2024

KNA by Veronica Bosibori

The county government of Nakuru, through its transport and roads committee, has organized a three-day training program at the Agricultural Technology Development Center (ATDC) hall that focuses on equipping traffic Marshalls and first aid responders with essential skills to effectively respond to accidents.

The training programme that will involve traffic Marshalls and community health promoters from Roret, is in response to the alarming increase of accidents along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway, especially at the Salgaa and Ngata Bridge black spot.

County Executive Member for Infrastructure, Engineer Michael Kamau, who was present, expressed gratitude to the responders for their attendance and assured them that the Transport and Safety committee will collaborate closely with them and provide necessary support.

Engineer Kamau also noted that the training program is expected to be rolled out in other areas within the County, extending its reach and impact across the region.

He observed that there are quite a number of blackspots right from Kinungi in Kiambu county to the total junction in Nakuru county and called on drivers to exercise caution not only along that section but also on other roads to curb the many accidents that are taking away lives of Kenyans. Led by County Fire Cadet Officer, John Brodrick, the training covered crucial topics including CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and other first aid techniques.

Engineer Kamau appealed to motorists to be careful since the rainy season might make the roads slippery, adding that the major culprits of accidents on the local roads was drunkard and careless drivers who fail to adhere to instructions.

He singled out motor bike riders who more often than not abruptly enter roads at a high speed without checking left-right to ensure that there are no motorists approaching.

Courtesy; KNA

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