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National Assembly Minority Leader Calls for Unity Amid UDA Wrangles

National Assembly Minority Leader Calls for Unity Amid UDA Wrangles


Tuesday , 11 June, 2024

By Felix Mogaka

National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi has accused certain Kenya Kwanza leaders of exploiting the internal disputes within the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) to sow discord among Kenyans.

Wandayi’s remarks come amidst a heated exchange between UDA leaders aligned with different factions, which he believes could escalate tensions across the nation.

Speaking in Ugunja town when he presided over the issuance of driving licenses to over 100 youths, Wandayi specifically targeted Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga, criticizing him for suggesting that the Mount Kenya region should receive a larger portion of the national resources due to its substantial support for the ruling party in the previous general elections.

“This case of entitlement that is being exhibited through reckless remarks must now come to an end,” He said.

He emphasized that the government should serve all citizens equally, regardless of their political affiliations or voting history, as everyone contributes to the nation’s tax revenue.

“We do not care the kind of war that you have in UDA. Hiyo vita mko nayo ndani ya UDA ni yenu. Msitumie hiyo vita kudharau wakenya wengine ambao si wa UDA” he said.

The Minority Leader warned that the continuation of such divisive rhetoric might compel non-UDA members to consider withholding tax payments.

He urged political figures to exercise caution and consider the weight of their words before making public statements.

Furthermore, Wandayi challenged members of the ruling coalition in Parliament to align with the public interest and oppose the finance bill if it fails to address concerns over harsh tax measures.

“I appeal to our colleagues in Kenya Kwanza who have been going round claiming to oppose the finance bill. The hour of reckoning is coming. We want to see you in broad daylight voting with us against the bill,” he said.

The finance bill in question has been a subject of widespread criticism, with stakeholders warning that the proposed tax amendments could stifle investment and economic growth.

The National Churches Council of Kenya and other groups have voiced their opposition, calling for a fair and equitable tax system that does not burden the populace.

As the debate over the finance bill intensifies, Wandayi’s call for unity and responsible governance resonates with many who hope for a more inclusive approach to national development.

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