Ngirici seeks to withdraw case challenging Governor Waiguru’s win

Ngirici seeks to withdraw case challenging Governor Waiguru’s win

By Peter Ochieng

Former Kirinyaga County gubernatorial candidate Purity Wangui Ngirici is seeking to withdraw a petition challenging Governor Ann Waiguru’s win.

The former Woman Representative, on Wednesday, October 05, 2022, through her legal team, informed Kerugoya High Court Presiding Judge Richard Mwongo that she intends to withdraw her petition against the second-term Governor.

“Today we came to this court for pre-trials so that we can take directions but we have informed the court that we will be making an application to withdraw the petition in accordance with instructions given to us by our client, Purity Ngirici,” said the lawyer Brian Khaemba, as quoted by Citizen Digital.

The judge gave them 7 days to do so.

“The court has given us time to file that application…7 days. We will file the application and serve upon the respondents, and then the respondents will respond to the application and we’ll come back on the 24th of this month. If the court allows that, then we will withdraw the petition, if it does not, we will proceed,” said Khaemba.

The move was welcomed with open arms by Waiguru’s legal team, led by
lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo.

“Speaking on behalf of the 3rd and 4th respondents, the Governor and her Deputy, we appreciate the steps taken. I think the county needs to move forward without the necessity of spending a lot of time in court,” he said.

Separately, Ngirici said she faced pressure to soldier on with the case, but she independently made up her mind to withdraw the petition.

“I have decided to take a bold step, one that does not serve to advantage me or disorganize and disenfranchise the Governor but one that serves the full advantage to the people of Kirinyaga,” she said in a statement.

Waiguru defended her seat on the UDA party during the August 9th polls, while Ngirici vied as an independent candidate.


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