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NGO Promotes Hygiene through Affordable ATM Water Machine

NGO Promotes Hygiene through Affordable ATM Water Machine


Tuesday March 26 2024,

KNA by Gillian Mirasi and Seline Nyangere

The Ewangan Child development programme has introduced a cost-effective method for Kajiado communities to obtain clean drinking water.

Initially, Kajiado residents depended on either boreholes, water pans or rivers to quench their thirst but with new technology, as long as someone has an ATM chip can get water with no hustle.

John Masila, of Ewangan Child Development Programme revealed that their organization started by launching ATM water taps in schools within Narok and Kajiado counties, and later on to the communities.

Masila said the water is pocket friendly once someone has at least Sh. 5 in the ATM chip they will get water.” An ATM water machine provides clean, pocket-friendly water to the community, with 20 litres available for as low as Sh. 5 and unlimited fetching options.” revealed Musila.

Apart from the ATM water being affordable, the machine saves time and saves the water loss that could emanate from spilling. According to Musila, with the ATM chip, there is no line up or need to wait for someone to open the water taps.

“The community now has access to water conveniently, eliminating the need for long walks and waiting for someone to open up taps characterized from the other sources. The chip also helps prevent water wastage.” said Musila.

Communities in Kajiado used to be infected with water borne diseases like cholera, ameobiosis, and warm infestation, frequent and severe drought led to emaciation of livestock and low production of milk for household consumption hence the ATM water project strives to support Kajiado residents to have safe clean drinking water under hygiene facilities.

“We have been able to issue the residents with water treatment chloride to ensure the water they use is clean. Most people at the grassroots use water from dams that is not healthy for human consumption, the chloride helps in separating dirty and clean water” pointed Musila.

Women and Children are the ones affected most when there is scarcity of water as they walk long distances in search of water the new technology will ease water accessibility.

Courtesy; KNA

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