Nyandarua Women urged to embrace technology to boost income

Nyandarua Women urged to embrace technology to boost income


Thursday March 9, 2023


By Antony Mwangi

As the World marked this year’s International Women’s Day, a section of leaders in Nyandarua county has challenged women to embrace the use of modern technology.

Led by Nyandarua Woman Representative Faith Gitau, the leaders observed that a lot of capacity building has been done to empower women across the country, and hence it was prudent if they embrace the use of modern technologies to market their ideas and goods among other services.

This, she said, would help boost their family income and also comes in handy in helping tackle Gender Based Violence (GBV) especially that targeted women.

Ms Gitau said most of such cases are brought by financial challenges and hence once women are economically empowered, such cases would reduce drastically.

She spoke at Mutanga Catholic Church in Ndaragwa Constituency where she also took issue with the recent controversial Supreme Court ruling over the registration of LGBTQ in the country saying such illegalities would amount to degrading the country’s moral values and traditions.

The Women registered their concerns over the judgment, saying Kenyan Women will not allow drifting on morals.

“It is immoral for people of the same gender to marry each other, even the Bible does not allow this. The courts were ill-advised to rule in favour of this. We have to respect our morals. Women leaders in the county will be at the forefront of fighting this vice,” said Ms Gitau.

The women present at the same time regretted the increasing cases of alcoholism and drug abuse amongst youth in the region with Gitau assuring she was ready to work with the national government to fight alcoholism in the region.


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