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Onion prices surge at Gakoromone market

Onion prices surge at Gakoromone market


Friday May 24, 2024

KNA by Dickson Mwiti/Mary Wanjohi

Gakoromone market in Meru County is witnessing a significant surge in onion prices, driven by a convergence of low supplies from producers, heavy rains and increased taxes.

Local farmers have reported substantial crop losses due to flooding and waterlogged fields, which have hampered both the quality and quantity of the produce.

This scenario has left a noticeable dent in the market supply chain. In recent weeks, consumers and traders have been grappling with escalating costs.

The adverse weather conditions, particularly heavy rains, have disrupted onion-growing regions, reducing harvest and transportation, leading to a shortage in onion produce reaching the market.

“We are receiving fewer onions and the ones we get are more expensive due to scarcity caused by the rains. It is becoming difficult to meet customers’ demand,” said Simon Gikundi, a trader in Gakoromone market.

Additionally, the traders are afraid that the situation may be worsened by the anticipated increases in agricultural taxes.

“The new levies may place additional financial burdens on producers, many of whom are already struggling with the impacts of unfavourable weather conditions. The combined effects of these factors may result in diminished supplies and subsequent rise in prices in future,” said Gikundi.

For instance, Rose Karimi, another onion trader, proposed measures that the government can put into place to cushion them including providing relief to affected farmers, reviewing the tax policies and investing in infrastructure improvement to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Hence, the ongoing situation has prompted calls for government intervention to support both farmers and consumers.

Courtesy; KNA

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