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Organizations Partner to Empower Youth through Skills Training

Organizations Partner to Empower Youth through Skills Training

Nairobi, Thursday, March 21, 2024 KNA by Sharon Atieno

Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL), Tamarind group and Mukuru Promotion Centre (MPC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement to empower youth with training skills that will make them competitive in the job market.

The MOU whose aim is to transform lives of the students in the community will also ensure the Youth Agenda is realized through partnership and collaborative strategies by presenting good opportunity to pool resources to uplift the lives and dignity of the disadvantaged in the society.

Speaking during the signing ceremony held at Carnivore in Nairobi, the Regional Coordinator-State Department for Youth Affairs and the Creative Economy-Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports (MOYACES) Daniel Kirui observed that young people encounter socio-economic hardships due to lack of employable skills, exposure and employment opportunities.

Kirui noted that the government is cognizant that the youth are valuable resources with substantial energy, innovation and digital knowledge which can foster national development, and propel Kenya to unprecedented economic growth.

He cited that INUA Jamii program aligns with the government’s commitment to uplift young Kenyans through establishing careers that contribute to the nation’s social-economic development and reduce unemployment and underemployment among the youth.

Kirui lauded the partnership terming it a collaborative effort that address youth’s issues especially those in informal settlements of Mukuru in Nairobi.

“The parties involved will be able to leverage on resources, build synergies and harness technical expertise as a strategy to address youth unemployment through skills development, internship and mentorship,” he stated.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports has rolled out projects through State Department for Youth Affairs and Creative Economy to promote skills development that target business development services for startups, growing and expanding enterprises which will contribute to job and wealth creation.

Other areas of focus are improving youth employability through entrepreneurship trainings, developing labour export and local markets for youth’s products and supporting the youth savings and investments to enable them earn decent incomes.

The Regional Coordinator also acknowledged Tamarind Group of hotels, an international brand in hospitality for providing apprenticeship to the trainees in hospitality industry.

“With Tamarind on board, the youth will have the opportunity to get quality exposure to the real-world dynamics of the hospitality industry and life-changing job opportunities attained through professional coaching to become efficient and competent personnel in the labour market globally,” he stated.

Kirui also acknowledged KWAL for directing their corporate social responsibility to skill development for the hospitality sector which creates opportunities for youths, noting that the sector stimulates growth and broadens services in the tourism industry.

“We laud Mukuru Promotion Centre for its endurance spirit in humanitarian work, promotion of education and health services, the Centre’s selfless giving has made it a household name in the informal settlements,” said Kirui.

He at the same time encouraged the 40 beneficiaries to make their benefactors proud through excellent performance and to demonstrate award with impeccable discipline, hard work and self-less service.

“Possession of skills alone is not adequate for success in any career and indeed in life, however, excellent you may be, one needs communication, interpersonal skills, passion and positive attitude to captive and maintain loyalty among clients,” he said.

KWAL Managing Director Lina Githuka said that INUA program provides technical holistic nature to the youths, helps them to find voice and have confidence and esteemed to what the students have within them to power and shape their future.

Githuka added that the goal is to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for the youths by reaching more people and offer commitment to make it have a greater impact.

She noted that the government through its commitment, has expanded and enhanced advancement to honor the youth Agenda and promote youth activities.

In his remarks, the Tamarind Group Operations Director Joseph Gacheru said that greater emphasizes needs to be placed in mentoring and training of the young generation of hoteliers in order to secure the future of culinary industry which will make students stronger before securing their livelihoods and be able to compete in the global arena.

Gacheru revealed that Tamarind has open up apprenticeship program to exceptional students from MPC which empowers over 200 young people who are now professional chefs in and out of the country, standing out as key players of the industry.

“Apprenticeship program will not only give practical experience but also give a front foot in the door of the hospitality industry to train and strengthen career,” he stated.

The Director of Mukuru Promotional Centre (MPC) Sister Mary said that the mission offers a life line by providing education and environmental change through a brighter path to the future of the young people.

Mary said that the partnership aims to bridge the wide gap between the available jobs and skill to professional workers especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“Partnership will provide a comprehensive fraternity training to the selected youths from Mukuru slums, through the vocational training schools run by MPC, dreams are achieved, skills are sharpened and futures are built,” she disclosed while citing that the training will cover culinary arts, customer service and management among others.She declared that the MPC vision is to see graduates excels and become glitters in the hospitality industry within the community.

Courtesy; KNA

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