Parents feel the pinch as students resume school

Parents feel the pinch as students resume school


Tuesday March 21, 2023


By Damaris Biwott

As students across the country return to school after the half term break, parents have expressed mixed emotions; while some are thrilled to see their children back to classroom others are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.


One of the main concerns among parents is the exorbitant school fees being charged by some of the institutions and the high cost of basic commodities.


Speaking to Kenya News Agency, Mary Olunga, a parent at Moi Kapsowar Girls high school noted that basic items are becoming increasingly expensive, making it difficult for parents to afford them as required of them by their daughters.

“It’s really becoming hard to raise even upkeep for them in school,” Olunga said, adding that pricing should be subsidized so as the common citizen may be able to afford them without straining.

“We really wish the government will reduce taxes because life is becoming more expensive,” she said.


Another issue causing concern was the Azimio coalition, which took place on Monday as parents could not release their kids to go back to school as they were not sure of their safety.

Mr. Joshua Bett, another parent, noted that the government should intervene to ensure the safety of students.


He noted that he could not release his daughter until today when he is sure of her safety as she goes to school in another county.


Courtesy K.N.A 



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