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Petty offenders to face green justice sentencing

Petty offenders to face green justice sentencing

Sunday, 12 May, 2024
McCreadie Andias,

Chief Justice Marthe Koome says that the Judiciary will support the Government’s drive of planting trees and mitigating the effects of climate change by emphasizing on green justice.

She says Green justice will involve handing out sentences that involve planting trees, community service and cleaning government institutions for petty offenders.

Speaking in Laikipia county where she led Nanyuki law court staff in a tree planting exercise at Mukima secondary school, the CJ said that Green justice will help convicts do community justice instead of being in castrated.

“Under the Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ) Blueprint, the Judiciary is mainstreaming green justice initiatives that include leveraging renewable energy, reducing the use of paper and tree planting drives among other initiatives to preserve the environment.”CJ said.

” We have made significant strides in promoting transformative environmental constitutionalism rooted in the provisions of the 2010 Constitution and in the jurisprudence of the National Environmental Tribunal, the Environment and Land Court (ELC) and other superior courts.”She added.

” We are also adopting the green justice sentencing where instead of sentencing to go to prison, we are sentencing them to community service where they can engage in tree planting and cleaning the hospitals, cleaning the markets, painting the public offices “

She added that the Judiciary has also adopted new means of averting climate crisis by adoption the use of solar energy in its offices.

“We have adopted others methods of saving the environment like using solar power instead of using electricity because that will save the money paid for electricity to do other things.

She says that the Judiciary will also patner with County Government’s to supervise the works of Community services across counties.

“we are also Partnering with the county Governors so that they can supervise this which have been sent to community service to do community work instead of being in castrated” she Said.

Land courts are expected to lead the tree planting initiative.

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