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PS urges the youth to embrace TVETs courses

PS urges the youth to embrace TVETs courses

Homa Bay

Tuesday March 19, 2024

KNA by Davis Langat

Interior and National Administration Principal Secretary (PS), Raymond Omollo, has called on the youths to embrace Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVETs), institutions to reduce unemployment in the country.

Omollo said joining TVET institutions will equip the youth with skills which they could use for self-employment and generate jobs for others.

Speaking, Tuesday, in Kanyadoto Ward, Ndhiwa Constituency, Dr Omollo advised the youth against developing the mindset that only the white collar jobs were a measure of success.

He said the TVET institutions have the capability of providing the youth with skills which enable them to become job creators rather than job seekers. “Let our youth who have not attained university grades in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams join TVET institutions. This will equip them with skills which will drive the local economy,” Dr Omollo said.

He said the government had set aside more than Sh600 billion for building human capacity with TVETs given the priority. This is in a bid to equip the youth with skills, which are relevant in the job market.

“The government invested more than Sh600 billion to build human capital from the lowest level of education to the highest level. But the emphasis in this budget is TVETs,” Dr Omollo said

The PS said the government was also setting up digital laboratories in all wards in the country, to enhance the digital economy.

“Creation of the digital laboratories will give the youth access to the internet, enabling them to do online jobs and other activities, which can earn them a living,” he said.

He said that the construction of the digital laboratories will be funded from the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF).

The PS said that the necessary legislation had been enacted to allow the NG-CDF to allocate funds for construction of digital laboratories in all wards across the country.

The PS also urged the youth to venture into agriculture, as a way of creating employment and boosting food security.

Dr Omollo told farmers to source subsidized fertilizers and increase production.

“Fertilizers have been subsidized, our farmers should utilize the incentive to produce more as the planting season begins,” Dr Omollo said.

Courtesy; KNA

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