PSC invites views from public over Ruto’s plan to retain CAS positions

PSC invites views from public over Ruto’s plan to retain CAS positions

By Joshua Cheloti

President William Ruto has expressed plans to retain the position of Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) which was first introduced by his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta.

Uhuru introduced the CAS positions in 2018, but the courts later, in a ruling said they were unconstitutional.

But in a bid to ensure the positions don’t face the same fate, the new administration has proposed several changes to them.

Among the changes introduced is to have CASs’ competitively recruited by the Public Service Commission (PSC) unlike direct appointment as was the case under the former President’s administrations.

The CASs will also have a clear role.

Some of the roles, according to a press statement issued by the PSC will include, responding to issues touching on the portfolio assigned to them and providing a liaison with the National Assembly and Senate as well as county governments on matters of concurrent mandate and common interest.

Under the Jubilee government, a CAS was responsible for helping the Cabinet Secretary.

Recruitment of the CAS will be done by the PSC who will recommend names to the president for appointment.

“The Public Service Commission will recommend persons to hold the position of Chief Administrative Secretary for appointment through a competitive recruitment process that shall culminate in a nomination by the President and vetting by the National Assembly,” PSC said in a statement.

However, before the Public Service Commission (PSC) starts the recruitment process of the CASs, members of the public have been invited to submit their views on the positions.

This is in an attempt to ensure the positions are created as provided for under the constitution.

The views in writing should be addressed to the PSC secretary or hand delivered to the commission’s offices in Nairobi. Members of the public can also submit their views by email.

The Dateline for submission of the views in regards to the CAS positions is October 6, 2022.

When Uhuru made appointments of CASs, a majority of them were political leaders who had filed to win seats in the 2017 general elections.

It remains to be seen if Ruto will also use the same positions to reward political allies, even though recruitment will be through Public Service Commission (PSC).

Among the proposed requirement for an individual to be appointed CAS is a degree from a recognized university.


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