By Andrew Mirara

We have less than 10 days to the August general elections and campaigns are in top gear. We have seen the two main political factions splitting into several campaign teams so as to cover more ground.

For Azimio One Kenya Coalition, their Presidential candidate Raila Odinga has been keen on campaigning together with his Running Mate Martha Karua.

Unlike his previous attempts at the Presidency, this time round he has gone an extra mile to market himself as a team. Azimios main slogan is INAWEZEKANA NA BABA NA MARTHA.

In as much as Raila Odinga was in a coalition in 2013 and 2017, he largely rode on his own accord. But this time round, he has packaged himself as a team.

This could be informed by the fact that his traditional political strongholds are fatigued in the sense that they have voted for him three times all ending in defeat. With Martha Karua, he has injected new blood into his campaign. It has given hope to his followers.

A keen observer will notice that Raila Odinga has stepped back and let Martha Karua take charge of Azimios campaigns. He has done so in the hope that areas that haven’t been voting for him more so Mt Kenya will view him differently now that he has someone from the region to work with.

This is in the hope that people will view him with less scepticism because he had previously been sold as someone who doesn’t mean well for the region.

Indeed Martha Karua’s message to the Mt Kenya region has been that she is there to safeguard the interests of the region. As to whether this strategy is bearing fruit, we will know after the elections since the region has largely been aligned with Deputy President William Ruto.

We could also speculate that age and health issues are catching up with him. Campaigns are very vigorous especially when you have to attend several rallies in a day.

Raila Odinga has been captured on many occasions sleeping in rallies and meetings. This could be as a result of the rigorous campaigns that one has to do which at times require to one to travel large distances over vast areas. He has been going abroad severally majorly to rest and rejuvenate.

With Martha Karua, he is able to keep his campaigns going even when he is not available.


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