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Raila hits out at Ruto over his leadership style

Raila hits out at Ruto over his leadership style

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Friday, May 3, 2024, launched a fresh onslaught against President William Ruto.

Raila who joined other Azimio leaders for a public rally in Nairobi accused the President of poor leadership skills.

According to the opposition leader, Ruto has failed to steer the country in the right direction.

He noted that since they abandoned their anti-government protests, the government has not done anything tangible.

Raila early this year led a series of protests over the high cost of living. But Ruto claimed the protests would not be of any help to the government, affirming that he had a plan to address the high cost of living.

However, the ODM leader claims none of the claims Ruto and his allies made against them has come to pass.

“…they were spreading rumours everywhere that Azimio wants to destroy the economy, and that’s why it held them hostage, and they can’t run things. We said, “Okay, let’s stand aside and watch.” Now, it’s been a year since then, has the situation improved? Has anything changed? Haven’t they failed? They failed, and even if they stay for ten years, they’ll fail. Zakayo doesn’t know the way,” Raila said.

He further claimed the Kenya Kwanza government was full of corrupt leaders.

Raila named the fake fertilizer scam as proof that it’s all about creating wealth for themselves within leaders in the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

“All those in his camp, those he chose, are all thieves. Their job is theft. Everywhere they open their operations, it’s theft. Just the other day, they said they were bringing fertiliser; they came to sell rocks to the people, claiming it was fertiliser,” he said.

This is the first time in many years that Raila has openly hit out at the government. For the last few months, he had taken a step back from local politicians following his bid to be the next African Union Commission chairperson.

President Ruto has already declared his support for Raila’s bid.

But his latest attacks might receive backlash from politicians allied to Kenya Kwanza who have also vowed to help him in the continental seat.

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