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Recovering Thika Drug Addicts Receive Shaving Machines Boost

Recovering Thika Drug Addicts Receive Shaving Machines Boost


Monday, April 15, 2024

KNA by Muoki Charles

More than 40 recovering drug addicts from Thika’s Kiandutu slums have received shaving machines boost from a community based organisation to enable them start businesses.

The youth had undergone training and rehabilitation for more than three months in a programme initiated by Eden Centre, a community based organisation operating in Kiandutu slums that empowers the boy child.

The youth led by Joseph Mwangangi termed the gesture life changing, saying they will restart their lives that had been wasted by overindulgence in drugs, alcohol and criminal activities.

Mwangangi, a father of one and who has been engaging in crime for some years said slum life led him to crime and that going through the rehabilitation programmes has not been easy.

“Slum life has led many of us into addiction to hard drugs, illicit liquor and other related vices including snatching phones, robberies among other forms of crime. Getting out of this life is difficult and needs dedication,” he said.

He said they will now open barbers shops which will enable them to earn a living.

“From this good gesture by the organisation, at least, we shall get out of idleness. We shall be assured of earning and changing our lives,” said Mwangangi.

Kennedy Mwanzia, another reformed addict, called on leaders to come up with initiatives to empower the boy child who has sunk into drugs and crime.He cited programmes like sporting activities, entrepreneurship and providing manual work saying they will keep boys busy and get them out of life in crime.

“If our leaders would come up with such initiatives, the boy child would be engaged in income generating activities. Crime will also go down,” said Mwanzia.

Eunice Mwangi, the CEO Eden centre said her organisation has set up recovering and rehabilitation programmes for the most affected youths and was training them on some skills that they would use to start off their lives.

Ms Mwangi said many slum boys are languishing in poverty leading them to indulge in drug abuse and alcohol.

She called on other well-wishers to chip in and help the youth get out life frustrations due to unemployment.

Courtesy; KNA

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