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Release Capitation Money to Schools in Time, Ministry of Education Urged

Release Capitation Money to Schools in Time, Ministry of Education Urged


Wednesday May 22, 2024,

KNA by Rodgers Omondi/Samuel Barasa

Nambale Member of Parliament Geofrey Mulanya has urged the Ministry of Education to release capitation money to the schools on time to ease the work of the school heads.

Speaking at St Mary’s DEB Secondary School Nambale where he was giving out bursary cheques to schools in Nambale township ward, Mulanya said that the delay has forced the teachers to send students home immediately the schools open.

“I want to urge the cabinet secretary for education Ezekiel Machogu to release the capitation money in time. If you don’t give money early, it becomes difficult for one to plan,” he said.

Mulanya asked the students to work hard in order to obtain good results, promising to purchase a school bus for the institution.

“I will come here with a school bus, these parents will not come to celebrate the new bus if the results are not good,” he said.

He stated that he will come up with a motion in parliament to ensure that the school feeding program is enacted as a law.

“I will push for this because this will force the ministry not to divert funds meant for this programme to other projects,” he said adding that the program helps in retaining learners in schools.

The law maker gave the remarks at Nambale township ward where he disbursed bursary cheques worth Sh5.4 million to secondary schools.Nambale sub county director of education Sarah Ayumba challenged the students to work hard and perform well.

‘‘If you are going to get the bursary and you work hard, then we will be proud but if you get pregnant then it will be shame to us,” she said.Nambale deputy county commissioner Carolyne Nyanchoka warned the students against early pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

“I want girls to protect yourselves, those people are just lying to you and immediately you get pregnant, they will run away, she advised.Nyanchoka also urged parents to guide and support their children so that they do not fall prey to those who are out to exploit them sexually.

“Parents please let’s give directions to our children so that we avoid this issue of pregnancy among students by encouraging them to work hard in school,” she said.

Other wards that received bursary support include Bukhayo central, Bukhayo East and Bukhayo North/Walatsi.

Courtesy; KNA

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