Religion: has it become a booming business?

Religion: has it become a booming business?

By Ryan Kanchuel

Churches that are considered holy places by Christians are slowly becoming businesses as most individuals are opening up churches daily through harambees.

Individuals should know when to avoid being carried away by religion.

As I’m writing this story it is with great sorrow that individuals can use religion to brainwash and take advantage of others.

Most of the so-called, religious leaders are using their influence to take advantage and manipulate their congregation into giving them incentives.

By, selling hope to their churchgoers they now start by coming up with methods of ensuring that they give out tithes and collections to their advantage.

It is time, for people to start knowing the obvious norms used by the so-called religious leaders to swindle money from their flock.

Therefore, after developing the best avenues these clergymen go ahead and with no remorse or sorrow they start to harvest on what they call religion.

People should, therefore, be more selective when choosing the religion and place to start building their faith.

But what most individuals don’t understand is that sometimes hope and religion can be a burden to an individual.

Some things are being done in our churches today, and you wonder if these churches have turned into cinema halls.

A section of individuals is suggesting that these churches, should be reduced in their numbers as some are even making a lot of noise pollution.

And others are being used to do rowdy business in the name of religion as the religious gurus have known the tactic of pulling the religion card. And through this card, a lot of people fall for this trap.

Others have developed their cults e.g., the so-called Jehovah Wanyonyi and ‘YESU WA TONGARENI’ who is going around and making their people believe that he can make miracles happen.

It is therefore high time for individuals to naturally understand what is best for them and avoid all of this circus.


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