• May 22, 2024
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Reopening of schools indefinitely postponed

Reopening of schools indefinitely postponed

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Opening of primary and secondary schools for the second term will not be anytime soon, President William Ruto has announced.

Ruto, in address to the nation from State House Nairobi on Friday directed the Ministry of Education to postpone the reopening date indefinitely.

According to the head of state, the move is due to the current flood situation in the week.

“Meteorological reports paint a dire picture. The rains will persist increasing both in duration and intensity for the rest of this month and possibly after,” Ruto said.

“The Cyclone is predicted to cause torrential rain, strong winds and powerful and dangerous waves, which could potentially disrupt marine activities in the Indian Ocean and settlements along the Kenyan coast,” he added.

Schools were to be opened on Monday, after the initial opening date was moved in the last minute.

“The Ministry of Education is directed to postpone the dates of the reopening of all schools in the country for the second term until further notice,” the President said.

The country has been receiving heavy rainfall which has led to floodings on various parts of the country.Several houses have been flooded, roads washed out and many people left dead.

Official data from the government show that at least 210 people have so far died across the country.

The government also said 125 people have been injured while 90 are still missing.

Further, data from the Ministry of Interior show that 165,500 have been displaced .

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