Residents Express Varied Reactions on Simmering LGBTQ Debate

Residents Express Varied Reactions on Simmering LGBTQ Debate


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

K.N.A. – By Samuel Maina/Joyce Kiragu

Residents of Nyeri have given mixed reactions following Friday’s Supreme Court ruling that gave LGBTQ groups the right to associate.

The apex court on February 24 ruled that the NGO Board’s decision to bar homosexuals from forming recognised groups is prejudiced.


The court’s majority side comprising Justice Philomena Mwilu, Justice Smokin Wanjala and Justice Njoki Ndung’u stated that despite homosexuality being illegal in Kenya, members of the ilk have a right of association.

On their dissenting view, Justice Mohamed Ibrahim and William Ouko however stated that homosexuals should not be allowed to form recognised groups in the country.


But Mary Wanjiku, a businesswoman within Nyeri, has opposed the ruling saying that the rise of LGBTQ community is a sure death knell to the family unit as we know it.

She wondered how the country would realize her perpetuity if such laws were allowed to take root in the country, noting that every Kenyan came from a certain family.

It is against the laws of nature for two men to come together and raise a family. In countries where such marriages are legalized, the couple end up adopting children or looking for surrogate mothers. In the near future, if LGBTQ continues, there will be no children to adopt since there will be no conception,” Wanjiku pointed out.


Heron Gakuo, a newspaper vendor in Nyeri town, says that the creeping of such gay communities into our society is a bad precedent for the country’s future and posterity.

He explains that homosexuality is not only immoral and alien in Africa but loudly condemned in the Holy Books in both Christianity and Islam.


For Esther Wahome, allowing the introduction of western ideals such as gay and lesbian practices in the country will plunge this country into a moral dearth that will never be appeased here or in the hereafter.

Wahome says those practicing such vices are not only a disgrace to the society and the country and urged those caught up in this trap to own up and turn a new leaf in their life.

I condemn such practices since they were unheard of in the olden days. Same sex unions are an affront to God’s Law and those engaged in such vices will only bring the wrath of God to the nation,” she warns.


But Elijah Wanjohi notes that despite LGBTQ debate being a delicate issue, it is high time people accepted that it is here to stay considering the rising number of people supporting the practice.

He argues that many of those being hooked into the vice are doing so due to emotional frustrations and in the process of jumping into such unnatural unions in the hope of finding a safety net from their woes.


Archbishop Erastus Njoroge who is the chair of the Kenya National Congress of Pentecostal Churches of Kenya in Nyeri says as a church, they stand firmly opposed to the support the Supreme Court ruling and would fight it to the logical end.

The cleric says as church leaders, they firmly believe in Biblical teaching about the family union based on a man and a woman set up with the sole purpose of procreation.

Njoroge has nevertheless urged those currently in gay and lesbian unions to turn back from their wicked ways and rededicate their lives to God.

We have written a petition which will be presented to President Dr William Ruto in regard to the Supreme Court ruling. We are also seeking one million signatures countrywide which we want to employ in buttressing our case in opposing Friday’s ruling and pushing for review of the ruling. The Bible has not been altered and we will not support anything that goes against its precepts. That said, as a church, we will do everything possible within our reach to ensure same sex unions do not take root in this country as we watch,” insisted the bishop.

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