Residents urge Government to beef up security after bandits kill one

Residents urge Government to beef up security after bandits kill one


Friday, March 17, 2023


By Michelle Yatich/Caroline Cherono


Residents of Kagir village in Baringo North sub-county have urged the government to beef up security in their locality following a raid by bandits on Tuesday evening that left one man dead and over 200 goats stolen.

The victim of the attack was identified as Kakuko Chebor and residents are wondering when the disarmament operation will nip bandit attacks in the bud since many residents have already lost their lives.

Josephine Kokwon, a resident told KNA on phone that the insecurity menace was taking a toll on their region and added the security operation by the Kenya Defence Forces should forcefully disarm bandits since innocent villagers are living in fear.

“The frequent banditry attacks have left residents with grim suffering as we are mentally disturbed by the situation and government should instead bring doctors to check if we are mentally stable, since we are really traumatised by this insecurity issue,” she lamented.

Kokwon urged Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki to carry out forceful disarmament as the current situation was worsening despite the on-going operation and added bandits were invading their homes, leaving them uncertain about what the next day bodes since the raiders attack at any time.

Another resident, Paul Morop said they were saddened by the death of one of their own, who was sprayed with bullets by the bandits and died on Tuesday while he was in the course of looking for his stolen cows.

Morop further pointed out that many raids had happened in the recent past and called out the government to help restore peace adding they are tired of losing lives and running away from their homes each time.

“We are tired of moving to other areas every now and then and we request the government to come to our aid and provide peace so that we can live like other people from the rest of Kenya, we are tired of living like animals in the wild,” he lamented.

Sammy Yatich, a resident, noted that some of the bandits who were suspected to be from Tiaty East and Tiaty West migrated from those areas with their families after the start of the security operation so that they could hide from the authorities.

He called on the President to heed their pleas and exercise Government presence in their area in order to curb cattle rustling that has been in existence for decades now since the vulnerable women and children have suffered severely due to the unending menace.


Courtesy K.N.A


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