AMENYA: Ruto is an incompetent President

AMENYA: Ruto is an incompetent President

By Albert Amenya

It is dangerously unbelievable that Kenyans are miffed at the government of H.E. Dr. William Ruto. However, since Kenyans are poised to express their displeasure against the Kenya Kwanza administration, Ruto’s administration has a lot of incompetent humans. Some of his men led by deputy Rigathi Gachagua are out to ensure his leadership is banjaxed beyond repair so that so that he appears incompetent.

It seems Kenyans voted for the man they now love to hate, William Ruto. If you listen to the nation, the people are acting as if they made a historic mistake to vote for him. Are they just shedding crocodile tears? Can they still vote for him in 2027? The people loved him then but they love to hate him now.

With the utterances coming from loose cannons like Moses Kuria, one can conclude that this administration has elevated impunity as a policy of the government. Because of people like Kuria, President Ruto will emerge as the most incompetent President since independence. Even when he is long gone, he will forever be haunted by wasted years and failed promises.

Others say that President Ruto is working to return this nation to the dark days of Moi totalitarianism by ramming a one-party state down the people’s throats. This government has certainly become a lame duck. As a result, there is no sign of life in this country anymore. All you can see are gloomy faces due to the unprecedented poverty and frustration levels. Almost everyone else is angry – and grumbling.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the ascendancy of the Kenya Kwanza administration to the highest office in the land has brought untold hardship to the people. The arrogant leaders in this administration must be reminded that it pays to be timid at a time like this.

The holy book is right: the meek shall inherit the earth. When those who are building war chests confront one another – and then annihilate one another – the meek shall emerge from their cocoons and occupy what is left of the earth. Another proverb says: “The bravest soldier is the one that saved his life.”

It is embarrassing and intriguing that Kenyans continue to pay more for aberrant power supply. Why should the Federal Government take pleasure, so it seems, in overburdening citizens? Today Kenyans face an uncertain future in the hands of a government they are believed to have ‘freely’ elected. Today our government is a predator and its people, the prey.

Going by Gachagua’s shareholding theory, this administration is here to serve two communities. Nonetheless, Kenya is a multifaceted nation with so many ethnic formations and robust diversity. Meanwhile, this should be a clear signal to the Kenyan people to be cautious about the collective decision not to gift this inept administration another term.

We are headed for elections in 2027. Unless otherwise, Kenyans have every reason to change this government that has no clue about the problems of this country. This government has no business being in office after 2027.

Based on their reactions, the people will be at the forefront of ensuring that this change happens.” All signs indications are sure signs that God has rejected this government owing to its unpardonable transgressions and anti-people undertakings.

The fact that the nation is again in an economic blackout shows that this government is hard at hearing. The recent sharp increase in electricity and fuel tariffs by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) confirms that the way out of the woods is far from being near. No matter what they may say, I contend that there is no justification for further increases in fuel and electricity tariffs at this time.

What this country needs more than ever is a visionary pilot whose bipartisan efforts, cross-sector support, resilience in the face of obstacles, and singularity of focus will raise and put our country on the path of growth again. Clearly, William Ruto does not represent the face of change in Kenya.

I agree that based on how well he packages himself, Ruto has been widely acclaimed both at the local and international levels. This is because he has managed to make them think he possesses the Midas touch that is supposed to ensure growth and speed up our progress.

People elected Ruto thinking he was more poised to give the anti-corruption commission the needed impetus to end the stealing and misuse of their commonwealth. They thought he was coming to strengthen the judiciary and provide it with adequate resources, reform the security sector, and ensure that the teaming population benefits from the country’s abundant natural resources. They thought wrongly. The man has let them down completely.

The inability or unwillingness of the Kenya Kwanza administration to checkmate the history of impunity for very serious crimes has emboldened politicians to continue to engage in acts inimical to the growth and development of our country. We must ensure we elect a President who will not only dismantle this architecture of impunity but rebuild our society based on the rule of law.

This is an administration that has watched while its officials plunder the nation’s treasury to near zero. This is an administration that goes prodigal with our resources only to slam austerity measures on the poor masses at the slightest economic shocks. This is a government whose policies or lack of it have sufficiently hampered industrial our growth

Kenya as well as its economy is now sitting on a precipice – and nobody needs a Kwame Owino to know this. In slightly over a year since the KK administration took over, taxes have been increased but the managers of the nation’s economy are singing a new song every day.

Hidden damage already done to Kenya is that nobody aims to engage in productive activities anymore. Not even the jobless desire to engage in honest activities for honest pay any longer. The so-called hustlers are not attracted to farming or small-scale enterprises because believe they can earn a lot more by becoming thugs for politicians. Others have taken to terrorism, armed robbery, and other heinous crimes.

Meanwhile, public “servants” who consume up to 70 percent of the nation’s revenues are practically useless. Year after year, the sing-song from our leaders has been about cutting public expenditure by sacking government workers, but they have not found the courage to touch the jumbo pay enjoyed by politicians that contribute nothing to the nation’s development.

What to expect in 2024? Soon counties across the nation will be owed salaries for several months. Unemployment will worsen. Small businesses bear the brunt. Recently we saw county askaris destroyed Smokies and eggs belonging to poor hustlers in town.

Life has become tougher for ordinary Kenyans. All these are the visible signs of a collapsing economy. Add to them the activities of terrorists, kidnappers, economic saboteurs, and politicians at during elections and you have a failed state.

In 2027, Kenyans will rather vote for a forward-looking candidate with a pedigree of courage, vision, proactiveness, dependability, and a shrewd manager of resources than a profligate, visionless, and laid-back candidate in the name of continuity.

We are at a crossroads and the way we will cast their votes on that Saturday will determine whether we are ready to leave Egypt for the Promised Land or stay in Egypt and dine with the Pharaohs.


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