Safaricom customers to enjoy lower prices under consolidated Postpay, All-in-One monthly plans

Safaricom customers to enjoy lower prices under consolidated Postpay, All-in-One monthly plans

By Joshua Cheloti

Kenya’s telecommunications giant Safaricom has announced a revamp of its monthly plans.

In the new product announced on December 5, 2022, the company’s PostPay and All-in-One plans have been consolidated under the Go Monthly proposition.

Safaricom, in a press release, said, their customers are set to enjoy lower prices and more value in the new monthly plan that revises the July 2021 price increment.

The drop in pricing has been attributed to the adjustment of Excise Duty on Airtime and Telephone Services from 15 per cent to 20 per cent.

“Our commitment to our customers is to offer greater value and deliver a great experience with our products and services. By consolidating our monthly plans, we seek to simplify our product offering while enabling our customers to enjoy a digital lifestyle in an affordable manner,” said Safaricom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Ndegwa.

With the revised pricing, the Go Monthly 1K plan cost Ksh1,000, down from Ksh1,050; the 2K plan will go for Ksh2,000 down from Ksh2,100 while the 3K plan will go for Ksh3,000 down from Ksh3,150.

The 5K plan that was priced at Ksh5,200 will now go for Ksh5,000 down from 5,200; while the 10K plan will go for Ksh10,000, down from Ksh10,430.

Further, Safaricom said all Go Monthly customers will enjoy free 2GB YouTube every month, while customers on the 5k and 10k plans will enjoy unlimited data capped at 45GB and 100GB respectively, after which they will browse at 3Mbps speed.

Go Monthly customers will also be able to use their minutes to call across all local networks as well as China, India, USA, and Canada.

As part of the revamp, the plans will have a validity of 30 days, and only data will roll over upon renewal of PostPay or purchase of another monthly bundle.

The telecommunications company also said from as low as Ksh500 per month, customers who prefer minutes or internet only can also enjoy the minutes or data-only Go Monthly plans respectively.


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