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Show some respect to struggling Kenyans, Miguna Miguna tells Ruto

Show some respect to struggling Kenyans, Miguna Miguna tells Ruto

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has hit out at President William Ruto following this recent remarks over his administration’s tax policy.

The President on Wednesday defended his decision to tax Kenyans more, insisting the need for the country to be self reliant.

He hinted and introducing more taxes before his term as the head of state end.

But in response, Canadian-based barrister asked Ruto to respect Kenyan hustlers who voted for him.He noted that Kenyans were already checking from the current hefty taxes.

“President @WilliamsRuto, please show some respect to the suffering Kenyans who gave you an opportunity to be president. Stop adding sulphuric acid to our injuries!” Miguna Miguna said in part of a post on his verified X handle.

According to the President, Kenyans are only taxed at the rate of 14 percent per GDP which is way lesser than what other Africans countries tax its citizens.

He said his plan was to increase the tax rate to at least 20 percent.But according to Miguna Miguna “This is a reckless statement and plan”.

The lawyer argues that Kenyans are already over-taxed, repressed, exploited and abused.

“The high taxes Kenyans pay are stolen, misused, diverted and wasted by a few politicians and plutocrats, many of them your cronies,” he said.

He further said the President has no justification for planning to impose 20 to 22 percent tax on Kenyans when most of them do not receive even 1 percent of the value from the taxes.

Ruto’s statement comes at a time proposals in the 2024 Finance Bill have sparked protests.

Among the controversial proposals is an introduction of 2.5 per cent motor vehicle tax paid annual and removal of milk and bread from zero rates products.

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