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Stakeholders Ready Flood Affected Schools for Reopening

Stakeholders Ready Flood Affected Schools for Reopening


Saturday, May 11, 2024

KNA by Muoki Charles

Education stakeholders in Thika are working round the clock to ready schools that were most affected by floods for Monday reopening.

Thika MP Alice Nganga said a team is working in over 10 most affected schools in the area to clean up classes that had been submerged by flood water and unblock drainage systems.

She said most schools have flooded access roads, school fields and fallen trees, with others having collapsed perimeter walls, flooded classes and kitchen, and damaged drainage systems.

Others have heavy leaking roofs, soil erosion, damaged power, CCTVs and internet connectivity.

“The team is working on rehabilitating roads, clearing fallen trees in schools, unblocking drainage lines, reroofing some sections of infrastructure, harvesting rain water, restoring power and internet connectivity on affected schools.,” she said.

While noting that several other schools in her constituency are ready for reopening, she said they expect the team to ready the remaining ones for reopening before Monday.

On the safety of learners, the MP said should the rains continue once schools reopen and threaten the lives of learners; teachers should consult the local administration.

She also called on teachers to ensure learners wash hands frequently and do not drink flooded water to prevent them from getting infected by waterborne diseases.

“We know children may play with the flood water in the school compound which is unsafe. We urge our teachers to be on their watch to ensure they are safe by washing hands and keeping them away from dirty waters when in school,” Ms Ng’ang’a said during a tree planting drive Friday.

Besides, residents from areas where learners have to cross rivers to get to school have raised concern that the Monday opening has come early and might be unrealistic.

Those who have to cross the Oldonyo Sabuk Bridge that was swept away after Athi River burst its banks last week said it will be difficult for the learners to report to school.

A week after the bridge that links the lower part of Kiambu County to Machakos County was swept away by the floods; movement to the other side of the river has been restricted.

Residents have been forced to use the Kithimani-Kabaa route, parting with more than Sh500 to access services in either of the counties.

The residents said unless the bridge is repaired, they will not allow their children to report to school.“We have heard that school will reopen on Monday yet the bridge has not been done.

How will our children then go to school on the other side of the river?” wondered Jeremiah Mutuku, one a Kilimambogo resident whose child schools in Oldonyo Sabuk primary.

During a tour of the area last week, Ms Nganga called on the government to prioritise repairing the bridge so that normalcy can be restored in the area.

“In this constituency, the Oldonyo Sabuk bridge is among the most important infrastructure connecting the two counties and holds the key to trade and socio-economic development.

At the moment, the effect of it being swept away is huge and has cut any interactions. Its repair should be a priority by the government,” she said.

Courtesy of KNA

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