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TVS motorbike owners enjoying free services discounts from manufacturers

TVS motorbike owners enjoying free services discounts from manufacturers


Friday May 24, 2024

KNA by Mueni Munuve

Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram (TVS), a multinational Indian motorcycle manufacturer, operates in Kenya, specializing in motorbikes, sports bikes, scooters, three-wheelers, vehicles, and spare parts.

TVS Company in Nyahururu town, Laikipia County, is offering free and discounted services to motorbike users, aiming to market their brand.

Dan Mwanzi, the sales manager said that they offer free services such as free oil change and discounted spare parts once in three months to their customers all over the country to appreciate them for their support as they continue to market their brand.

“We always visit Nyahururu town once per three months to appreciate our customers for being supportive to us by changing oil in their motorbikes and selling spare parts at discounted prices as we continue to market our brand,” he said.

The manager added that TVS is one of the most well-known dealers because of having more affordable motorbikes and spare parts and its ability to sell in credit to its customers since its launch in Kenya in 2005.

“Since the launch of this company, it has been well known for its affordability in spare parts and bikes, either in cash, hire purchase or credit forms,” he said.

John Mwangi, a bodaboda operator in Nyahururu town who owns TVS motorbike said that the company has helped him in terms of changing oil and buying spare parts as it is cheaper compared to services in spare shops.

“Free services offered by this dealer company have saved me a lot of money, especially in the purchase of spare parts which are much cheaper compared to buying in spare part shops,” he said.

He urged the bodaboda riders to purchase their spare parts in TVS shops, since that is the place where they are cheaper and more durable.

Courtesy; KNA

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