Ugunja residents block the Kisumu – Busia highway to protest the arrest of the local MP 

Ugunja residents block the Kisumu – Busia highway to protest the arrest of the local MP 


Tuesday March, 21, 2023    


By Philip Onyango


The Kisumu – Busia highway that connects to the neighbouring Uganda was Monday impassable after demonstrators blocked it in protest of the arrest of the Ugunja Member of Parliament, Mr. Opiyo Wandayi.

And as the demonstrators marched to Ugunja police station and later took their protest to Ligega trading centre along the international highway, several youths took advantage of the situation to erect illegal toll stations, where the few motorists who risked to have their vehicles on the road had to bribe their way out of the roadblocks.

The demonstrators, led by members of the Siaya county assembly, Messrs. Edwin Martin Otieno, Shalom Oduor and Fredrick Odhiambo alias Sisi vowed to make the highway impassable until such a time that legislator Wandayi, who was earlier arrested in Nairobi for participating in an outlawed demonstration called by Azimio la Umoja leaders, was released.

`Nominated MCA, Shalom Oduor and Siaya county assembly majority leader, Edwin Martin Otieno said that Wandayi, like Azimio la Umoja leader, Raila Odinga was fighting for the common mwananchi and should not be arrested.

“Wandayi has not committed any crime in fighting for the common mwananchi over the high cost of living,” said Otieno adding that there will be no peace so long as Wandayi was held by the police.

Business premises and government offices were locked as the demonstrators, led by local members of the county assembly moved from one street to the other.

The demonstrators later went to the office of the Siaya County Commissioner where they were met by mean looking police officers.

Earlier, Siaya town came to a standstill when local residents poured into the streets to demonstrate against the high cost of living and the alleged rigging of the presidential votes that saw William Ruto declared the president.


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