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USAID Nawiri helps youth fight poverty

USAID Nawiri helps youth fight poverty


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

KNA by Peter Gitonga

Unemployment has been cited as a major challenge facing the youth in the country.

It has driven many to engage in alcohol and substance abuse, one of the key issues being tackled by the National government.

In a small village in Turkana County, one youth has been able to escape poverty, thanks to USAID Nawiri.

The Organization made it possible for Timothy Esulu, to acquire skills in repairing motor bikes.

“Growing up in Lomekwi village, I saw how tough it was for motorbike riders when their bikes broke down. I always wanted to help, but money for a repair course and finding a place to learn were big challenges. Then, thanks to USAID Nawiri through the Ujuzi Mashinani opportunity, everything changed! I seized the chance to learn motorbike repair. Now, three months later, I’ve got the skills to start my own bike repair business,” said Timothy.

Timothy is a proud student from Lomekwi village, part of the Baraka Boy Group, supported by USAID Nawiri.

Timothy praises the satellite training center in his village, which considers that many students, like himself, are also providers for their families.

“The course is perfect for us. We only have classes three days a week for three hours a day with our master trainer, so we can still fish and support our families,” he explained.

Thanks to USAID Nawiri, Lomekwi village is now connected with Longolemwar village, boosting market opportunities.

Fish traders sell their catch there and buy vegetables grown by USAID Nawiri champions.Timothy sees this as a big chance for his repair skills to shine.

“With more trade between our villages, there will be more need for bike repairs. I’m ready to step up and keep our wheels turning,” he said confidently.

Ujuzi Mashinani is changing lives by giving youth like Timothy, in areas with high malnutrition rates, the skills they need to thrive.

Supported by USAID Nawiri and Turkana County Vocational Training Department, it’s paving the way for brighter futures and stronger, healthier communities.

Only this week a total of 37 trainers from Turkana County completed a 10-day Competency-Based Education Training, conducted by staff from the Kenya School of TVET (KsTVET).

The retooling of trainers aligns with the County’s renewed focus on equipping its youthful population with both academic and employability skills, through a county bursary and scholarship fund worth Sh 542 million, which vocational course trainees are eligible to apply for.

Chief Officer for Vocational Education and Training, Leah Losuru, urged the trainers to utilize their newly acquired skills, to benefit learners under their care through effective teaching and assessment.

The training opened the opportunities for Turkana’s vocational institutions, to serve as training ground for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) programs, thereby creating more jobs.

Courtesy; KNA

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