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Willis Raburu announces Wabebe Experience return

Willis Raburu announces Wabebe Experience return

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Former Citizen TV and TV47 presenter Willis Raburu has announced an imminent return of his popular show Wabebe Experience.

Raburu in a statement on his social media pages however hinted that the show will no longer be aired on the mainstream media but the new media.

Although he did not provide finer details of the return of the show, Raburu said it will be the beginning of something new which will utilise the digital era.

“The Wabebe Experience is stepping into this new era with a vision to build something great, not just for ourselves but alongside community of creators and supporters,” he said in part of the statement issued on Thursday.

“We have built visions and we’re determined to bring them to life with integrity and independence,” he added.

The Wabebe Experience show was first aired on Citizen TV but after Raburu quit the Royal Media Services television, he moved with it.

When he joined TV 47, he introduced it there but did not last long.

After several weeks, the Cape Media management discontinued the show on what was initially said to be to allow for a restructuring purposes.

However, Raburu would a few months later announce exit from the station.

He now says his experience in the mainstream media provides him an opportunity to take the new challenge in new media.

“The rerun of Wabebe XP is more than just revival. It is a rebirth. Our commitment to authenticity and ownership will shape the content we produce, ensuring it resonates deeply with our audience,” Raburu said.

“The journey is just beginning and we are excited to explore new frontiers and create experiences that are real, raw and relatable,” he added.

It is widely expected that the new Wabebe Experience show will be aired on YouTube.

He had in May hinted that it would involve popular YouTuber Oga Obina.

Several Kenyan content creators have already had their mark in the industry.

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