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Willy Paul’s side of the story on missed collaboration with Diamond Platnumz

Willy Paul’s side of the story on missed collaboration with Diamond Platnumz

By Jehoshaphat Kanyoro Njaro

The chart-topping artist Willy Paul whose recent album “Beyond Gifted” has garnered massive success across East Africa, with hits like “Na Na Na” with Marioo topping charts across Kenya and Tanzania, has unveiled a captivating narrative surrounding his failed collaboration with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz.

Willy Paul recently shared his side of the story in an exclusive interview with Mzazi Willy M. Tuva on Mseto East Africa.According to Willy Paul, the collaboration saga dates back to his gospel music days when he showcased his work to Diamond Platnumz through a connection by Willy M. Tuva,where Diamond was impressed by Willy Paul’s work.

A subsequent meeting at Wasafi Records in Tanzania led to a proposal where Willy Paul and his team were tasked with creating two songs, from which Diamond Platnumz would select one for a collaboration.

However, Willy Paul expressed disappointment that despite fulfilling his part and presenting the songs, there was no feedback from Diamond Platnumz’s team.

He also mentioned collaborative efforts with other Wasafi artists like Harmonize and Rayvanny, which didn’t receive the same promotional attention from Diamond on social media as collaborations other Kenyan artists did with his artists.

Further complexities arose when an interview opportunity on Wasafi came about while Diamond was in Kenya, but didn’t materialize due to miscommunication.

Willy Paul talked of his chats with Diamond which he didn’t understand at first as Diamond expressed his disappointment, seemingly due to misinformation about Willy Paul’s intentions and why the interview didn’t materialize. Whereby Pozze says that a hater most likely communicated false information to Diamond saying that he demanded Wasafi to go to his place if they wanted to interview him.

Despite these setbacks, Willy Paul emphasized his desire for reconciliation and a potential collaboration with Diamond Platnumz. He believes that their combined musical prowess and regional influences could create a hit that resonates across Africa, fostering unity and healthy competition within the music industry.

As Willy Paul continues to navigate his musical journey, his transparency about past challenges with Diamond Platnumz sheds light on the complexities and intricacies of artist collaborations, highlighting the importance of clear communication and mutual understanding in fostering successful partnerships within the music landscape.

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