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Women Challenged to take Lead in Matters Climate Mitigation

Women Challenged to take Lead in Matters Climate Mitigation


Tuesday April 9 2024

KNA by Milton Onyango

The director of a non-governmental organization Miriam Wanjiku Mothers Rebellion, has urged women to actively participate in climate change efforts.

Wanjiru spoke at Dunga beach in Kisumu where the organization had launched a cleaning drive. She emphasized that, Mothers play a crucial role in ensuring the future of their children and are often the ones who can afford to buy plastics.

However, policy aspects like plastic water bottles are often overlooked, highlighting the need for their involvement.Wanjiru regretted that girls who are women have been left out on environmental drives which is quite unfortunate because women are at the core of matters of hygiene.

“Mothers often feel left out in climate policy making and house chores, as they are seen as responsible for household chores and waste management. This lack of attention negatively impacts climate change and contributes to poverty.” Decried Wanjiru.

She insisted on the need for a complete plastic ban in Kenya, citing environmental degradation and the need for a government-led initiative to address the issue of plastic misuse in Uganda.

Furthermore, we are conserving the environment to ensure the survival of aquatic animals like fish and plants, and are collecting plastics to prevent pollution in the lake.

Hence, Organization roped in the cleaning exercise encouraged those residing bear the lakes to ensure the lakefronts are kept cleanLastly, for example, Tindy West, from Lakerise, South Africa, is part of a beach cleaning drive in Kisumu to promote climate action and empower youth aged 9-18, aiming to create a clean environment.

Courtesy; KNA

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