Yesu wa Tongareni: I celebrate Easter in July, not April

Yesu wa Tongareni: I celebrate Easter in July, not April

By Joshua Cheloti

Eliud Wekesa commonly known as Yesu wa Tongareni has dismissed calls by a section of Kenyans asking that he be crucified this Good Friday to confirm that he is indeed Jesus Christ.

Calls for Wekesa’s crucifixion have been made all through this week as Christians were preparing to celebrate the death of Jesus several centuries ago.

Wekesa earned the name ‘Yesu wa Tongareni’ following his claim that he is Jesus. He has a home in Tongareni village, Bungoma County.

In an interview on Friday, the self-proclaimed Jesus said he was not bothered about calls for his crucifixion since he celebrates Easter in June, and not April as other Christians are currently doing.

“According to the bible, it has warned us to be cautious, and I have asked my followers that we do not recognize this Easter celebration. It is now allowed within Jerusalem,” Wekesa told the journalists.

He also confirmed that a number of locals had attempted to seek his crucifixion for the second time.

The Yesu wa Tongareni however warned that such a move amounted to mocking God.

“I have my own Easter which is held in July. And when we celebrate it, we read the book of Exodus 12:21-28. The Bible cautions us to be wary of actions of non-believers and their foreign celebrations,” he noted.

“Some people are claiming that I use substances such as bhang, others say I am mad, but let me warn that even Noah when he announced the coming of the flood, people dismissed him and laughed at him,” he added.

Christians from across the globe are celebrating Easter – a weekly celebration to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on a Good Friday and His resurrection on an Easter Sunday.

It is believed Jesus Christ died to save the world from sin.


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