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ACC collects Shs 23 million through the alternative dispute resolution

ACC collects Shs 23 million through the alternative dispute resolution


Thursday March 21 2024,

KNA by Geoffrey Makokha

The Advocates Complaints Commission (ACC) in the Office of the Attorney General has collected nearly Shs 23 Million from advocate firms for clients through alternative dispute resolution mediation in the March 2023/2024 financial year.

Advocates Complaints Commission official Ms. Mueni Kalola stated the commission’s goal is to resolve conflicts between advocates and clients by promoting alternative justice systems and resolutions.

The ACC, part of the Office of the Attorney General, has been raising public awareness about its 34-year mandate and work, despite its relatively unknown existence.

She pointed out that the commission is promoting public awareness about their stances across all counties, with its primary focus on policy lawyers and the legal profession.

“We receives complains from the members of the public against their lawyers and act on them by guiding the client on what is supposed to be done”, noted Kalola.

She disclosed that currently five cases in Migori are currently undergoing alternative dispute resolution mediation to assist clients in accessing their claims.

The commission strongly advocates for alternative justice systems and resolutions to expedite cases that have remained pending by facilitating closure between advocates and clients.

Kalola also explained that anybody can complain to the commission provided they have engaged a lawyer and believe or thinks they are not satisfied with their services.

Thus, ACC also acts as a prosecutor, prosecuting advocates for violations of rules and regulations by a special court and alternative dispute resolution mediation failures.

However, the commission plans to continue decentralizing Advocates Complaints Commission services across all 47 counties to enhance access to justice.

Hence, calling upon Kenyans to always search the names of lawyers through the Law Society of Kenya websites to avoid individuals masquerading as lawyers.

Lastly, in the last financial year 2022/2023 ACC collected 11 million on behave of clients from advocates firms and according to Kalola, the sensitization has started to bear fruits affirming the success cases of money that as so far been returned to clients.

Courtesy; KNA

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